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Teaching Energy to Laymen

Among all the talk of what should be done about high energy costs and how preposterous the escalating price of gas is, I rarely hear reasonable or even educated discussions on the topic. How can something so obvious be understood by so few?

If you asked even moderately informed energy analysts if the US had passed its peak in oil production many would say, “NO!” with confidence. When in reality the US peaked way back in 1970; we have since then been striving to reach that level again but as years go by our production output remains on its terminal decline.

How is it then that so many people fail to see this stark reality; cheap fuel may be a distant memory due to simple supply and demand economics. The US Production decline may in fact be a foreshadow of what is to come from global crude oil production, which many believe is at its peak today. Of course there is no way of knowing your at the peak until you are far past it, but with the knowledge of what happened to US production it is shocking that even some of the smartest folks in the energy game seem to think that America may yet again have the level of output seen in the early 1970’s.



There are some simple “un-disputed” facts about our oil dependency that much of the general public does not know:

1. Global Conventional Oil Discoveries (easy oil) peaked in 1964. Since that year we have discovered less and less, despite using more and more (otherwise known as a deficit).

2.  America, among dozens and dozens of other countries have reached their peak in petroleum production and are now in terminal decline.

3. The world is consuming more then 1,000 barrels per second. Hardly seems sustainable for even the next generation.

Peak Oil may be the most unreported breaking story in the history of modern media. Rather then hide from our fate we should embrace it by teaching energy to all laymen (men, women and children). There should be an entire curriculum in high school; respect for what oil does for us and knowledge of the risks associated with being dependent on it may yield some amazing new ideas and solutions to our civilizations drug-like habit. We here at OurOilDependency.org are working on “Petroleum & Renewable Energy Curriculum” that will hopefully be available free for download later this year.

Here is an article that inspired this rant:
Toward Energy Literacy: Our “Peak Oil” Reality

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