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Hyper-Efficient Toyota Hybrid – 134mpg

Toyota is pushing the limits with its new hybrid concept car. Weighing in at a whopping 1,700lbs, this car (if manufactured) could get a theoretical 134mpg.


What makes it so efficient?
A lightweight aluminum alloy frame and composite materials are used to reduce the overall weight by 25% over the Yaris. Energy efficient electronics like LEDs, efficient and passive HVAC systems allow for a 50% reduction in power use compared to a standard car. The engine is a small 1.0 Atkinson cycle engine with electric power drive train that is slightly smaller then the PRIUS’s and 200lbs lighter! Toyota claims that all the materials, battery and electric motor technology in this concept car are readily available making this a “Future Proof” car. It can be mass produced now, theoretically!




Imagine filling up your tank in Chicago and not filling up again until Denver~!





View Toyota FT-Bh 134mpg Concept Video

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