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Floating Wind Turbine Island

Imagine a half mile wide floating island that could support 24 commercial sized turbines. A Swedish company called Hexicon has been developing this concept for use where ocean depths are to0 great, which they claim to have a competitive advantage over bottom mounted wind turbines. The turbines could be mounted to a central platform that would allow for the entire array to move towards the wind direction..

Visit Wind Power Engineering to discover more about this project >

O.O.D. decided to do a mash-up of two GREAT concepts to create the ultimate tourist attraction!

First we  found a concept illustration of a floating restaurant/cafe/bar design from Case Espoo Finland. You can find more pictures of this concept here. Secondly we used concept illustration from Hexicon. This would be a fun place to visit and what a site to see in the middle of the ocean! This could be expanded to have a Hotel at the other end of the island and become a floating green powered resort!

OOD Mash-up of two very awesome design concepts!

OOD Mash-up of two very awesome design concepts! Restaurant | Cafe | Boardwalk | Observation Tower

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