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Online Electric Vehicle

A new online electric vehicle (OLEV) has began trial operations this year, developed by Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST). The basic concept is that electricity from cables embedded in the road is transmitted to receivers on the vehicle. For this project, the KAIST team has converted a bus to be powered by the road. The benefits of using this system are that the vehicle does not need to be equipped with as many heavy batteries, no overhead lines and no need to stop for charging. There is a 7 inch gap between the bottom of the bus and the road, which allows for the transfer of 100kw or 136 horsepower, which is about 85% efficient. The electromagnetic field that is generated is said to be safe within the vehicle as well as for pedestrians walking on the road. In addition the electricity generated in the road is only activated when the bus is approaching which minimizes peoples exposure to the electromagnetic field as well as helps reduce power consumption. Visit KAIST Here >






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