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BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy 2014

The commentary below was written by Steve Andrews, a proponent of “Peak Oil”, . The chart that is embeded in the link below outlines the results of BP’s statistical review of the world’s energy outlook. The chart was created by the late Rand Udall and Steve Andrews of the Assocationa for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas.

Steve Andrews of ASPO-USA writes :”BP just released its latest annual Statistical Review of World Energy.  ASPO-USA co-founders Randy Udall and Steve Andrews first collaborated in 2005 on a summary table to highlight key parts of the BP data.  It has been updated annually with each new release from BP.   The latest update with commentary by Steve Andrews is provided below.  Randy Udall died in 2013, but his memory and legacy live on–in this and many other ways.”


The Oil Production Story: Pre- and Post-Peak Nations


Source: peak-oil.org , bp.com


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