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Flettner Rotors Re-Invented

Flettner rotors are back! The flettner rotor design from the 1920’s  allows a ship to increase it’s efficiency through the use of tall rotating cylinders. In the first trials in 1924, the maiden voyage of the ship “Buckau” proved that the rotors could add a whopping 600hp, adding to the power of ship’s conventional engine of 1,100 hp. Nearly 80 years later with the world pushing for more efficiency, Enercon has built the first commercial rotor ship of this century, called E-Ship 1. The whole system has been designed around the basis of maximizing efficiency. Some key features include:

– Aerodymic Haul
– Modern Flettner Rotors
– Efficient Propeller for Disel Electric Propulsion
– Exhaust Fume Recycling, Steam Turbine Powers Flettner Rotors
– Reduced Fuel Consumption 30-40%

You can track the movement of E-Ship 1 Here!
Read CleanTechnica Article about E-Ship 1 Here.
View Animation of the Flettner Principle Here.


Deutshes Museum – “Buckau” Ship 1924



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