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Rim Drive Wind Turbines

Keuka Energy will be launching a full scale floating offshore “Rim Drive” wind-farm in Jan 2017. Rim drive wind turbines do not require a gear box or crane for installation. The open configuration of the Rim Drive system limits down stream turbulence which enables the installation of more units per square mile. The system overall has a longer service life, is easier to maintain and can produce more energy at lower RPMs.

Liquid Air Energy Storage

Keuka Energy also has plans to store energy using proven technology, “Liquid Air Energy Storage” (LAES). This system uses electricity to cool air until it liquefies and then stored in a tank. The air can then be brought back to it’s gaseous state, with ambient air or with waste heat from an industrial process, to generate electriciy. The technology used in cryogenic energy storage (CES) also referred to as LAES, is available through many power producers and is considered a mature technology ensuring low “tech risk”. More information about LAES is available at www.energystorage.org


UK company Highview Power Storage, highview-power.com

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