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Elon Musk’s – Solar Tiles

Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla & Chairman of Solar City) introduced new glass solar roof tiles in conjunction with the company’s second generation powerwall. The event was set on a residential street surrounded by homes with the new solar tiles installed. The solar panels are made from tough tempered glass and a thin color louvre film. These new solar tiles would replace a traditional asphalt roof and have special defrosting capabilities that melt snow and ice. The tiles come in a variety of styles including Textured, Slate, Tuscan and Smooth Glass tile. The solar tiles are estimated to have life span of 50 years and at least 98% as efficient as traditional panels.

Musk stated at the unveiling event, “If you have a great solar roof, and you have a battery pack in your house, and you have an electric car, that scales worldwide,” Musk said. “You can solve the whole energy equation with that.”

Assuming the merger between Tesla and SolarCity is approved these new tiles could start being installed starting as early as next summer. The merger vote happens on November 17th.


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