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The world is consuming approximately 96.5 millin barrels of oil each day (1,116 barrels per second). The United States is responsible for 25% of the world’s oil consumption, despite holding only 5% of the world’s population. With the emergence of other industrial nations such as China and India, the oil demand for this non-renewable resource is growing exponentially. The unprecedented rate at which this natural resource is being used, coupled with dwindling oil discoveries, has lead many of our prominent energy analysts to suggest that global oil production may be reaching a peak.

Although some believe that America’s energy future can be sustained by oil shale/sand, ANWR or new continental shelf discoveries, there is an increasing consensus in the scientific community that these sources would be incredibly difficult to exploit and would require decades of lead time. It should also be remembered that some analysts fail to consider probable extraction rates in their calculations, relying only upon known recoverable reserves.

One needs only to look at the headlines to know that the issue of sustainable future energy is an issue of importance to all of us. Although we may face skyrocketing energy costs and dwindling oil prospects, we are fortunate to possess a limitless supply of ideas for the future of energy, and the future of America. Our site was developed in an effort to bring these ideas together, to learn about them, to discuss them, and to expand upon them.


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